Environmental Weather

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Environmental Weather effects are events that can occur on plants while on them.

Sandstorms[edit | edit source]

Sandstorm (icon).jpg

Planet Serenade: sandstorms Sandstorms immobilize any units within their impact area and inflict light damage on unarmored units.

Volcanic Eruptions[edit | edit source]

Volcanic Eruption (icon).jpg
Volcanic Eruption.jpg

Planet Pilo: volcanic eruptions Volcanic eruptions are triggered along fault lines and inflict heavy damage on ground units.

Tornadoes[edit | edit source]

Tornado (icon).jpg

Planet Mars: tornadoes Tornadoes whirl around the war zone randomly and inflict heavy damage on any units and structures within their impact area.

Magnetic Storms[edit | edit source]

Electro Magnetic Storm (icon).jpg
Electro Magnetic Storm.jpg

Planet Desta Fatalis: magnetic storms Magnetic storms disrupt the entire comms system and prevent commanders from using their command skills.

Hurricanes[edit | edit source]

Hurricane (icon).jpg

Planet Resurgence: hurricanes Hurricanes are particularly devastating and can destroy any airborne units present in the war zone and render any deployment of troops impossible.

Blizzards[edit | edit source]

Blizzard (icon).jpg

Planet Arctis: blizzards Blizzards on arctis instantly freeze any bodies of water and reduce the field of vision of all the units and structures in the war zone.